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Yolanda wright

Yolanda Wright is an Executive of STEPSSS whose mission is to provide students with the necessary educational, psychosocial, and scholarship support to help increase competitiveness in the college admissions application process. Her approach is a holistic one that includes diligent work on improving student’s educational, psychosocial, and self-sufficiency outcomes. She started her career 20 years ago providing therapy and social work services in underserved communities. For the past decade, she has specialized in providing educational advocacy and services to special populations including underrepresented students. As the former Director of the First Star UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholars Academy, she assisted foster youth with application, acceptance and entry into colleges. Under her leadership, 90% of her students received college acceptances and her program received the 2013 UCLA Community Program of the Year award. Yolanda Wright received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University.


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Ganious’ entrepreneurial spirit began back in New York City where he went from working on feature films with Spike Lee, Robert Deniro,Ron Howard and others to creating Four Reel Entertainment, Inc.,which provided operations and venue services to special event companies whose clients included SONY, BMG, Major League Baseball, The National Football League, The National Basketball Association, The Disney Company, and many others. After the tragic events of losing his parents months apart and the September 11th, 2001 attacks, he transitioned to the west coast and became one of the top Health and Wellness Consultants in Los Angeles, coaching educators, pastors, attorneys, first responders, personal trainers, martial artist, performers, housewives, kids and folks from all walks of life. His PT45 class (Personal Trainer for Five Dollars) was featured in the Los Angeles Times (March, 2003) as, “An honorable and great service to the community.” Ganious has mentored and passed along his wellness expertise to many Private Trainers who accept his “Inside out” training methods as a key component in their training. Presently Ganious is an Executive of STEPSSS, where he can provide his extensive knowledge in not only the entrepreneurial spirit, but in stressing the importance of education to build the foundation of any aim towards success.  Also, he's modernized redux of the production company, Ganious Prod. Co. (March, 2019) with projects in development and slated to go into production the first and second half of 2019, including the intensely dramatic and rhapsodic projects, "I Am Divine", a biopic of the revered pastor written by Djo Yugen,  “Nancy Parker Drinks And Smokes?” “I Thought It Was Me” and “Why Kill Ina?” He also writes and produces songs (on iTunes and other streaming sites) and his songs, “This Ain’t Love” and “Brown Ivy” spread internationally, garnering splendid reviews. His next album, “Spiritual Gangsta” is slated for release in Spring, 2019. Ganious has penned the memoir, “The Third Rail” on, enjoys working out, being vegetarian, enriching conversation, and most importantly, serving as a Sherpa to those who know there is more to who they are and need a trusted ally/guide to get them there.


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